What We Learned About The Future of Exhibiting

What We Learned About The Future of Exhibiting

In 2010, MC² asked a group of exhibit marketers to give us their view of the current state of exhibit management. In 2016, we asked those same questions again.

We were surprised to find that even after five years of considerable change in the trade show industry that most of the challenges remained the same. The number one challenge was marketing, followed by budget challenges and personal challenges.

See our synopsis of the areas of marketing that the responders thought needed improvement.

Here are the main marketing challenges expressed by exhibit marketers:

“Effective pre-show marketing that will drive qualified traffic to our display.”
 “Getting staff to engage with each attendee.”
 “The integration of social media and technology to attract younger viewers.”
 “How to attract the audience.”
 “Rising above the noise. Finding creative, relevant ideas to set our brand apart.”

For a more in depth look, download MC²'s survey review, What We Learned About The Future of Exhibiting

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*Point-to-Point. (1) a location, spot or position, (2) an important or essential argument or suggestion, (3) a trade show term for shipping exhibit properties from show destination to show destination without returning to the warehouse, (4) a series of emails addressing issues facing marketing leaders.