Is Face-to-Face Marketing Old School?

Is Face-to-Face Marketing Old School?


Are we trading real relationships for artificial ones?

Virtual meetings and events – where attendees participate in a trade show experience on the Internet – have long been considered a substitute and a threat to face-to-face events because of their lower cost to produce and ease of attendance.

According to CEIR’s 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions Study 64% of marketing executives said that in-person corporate events are effective in helping the company achieve their goals. This was second only to in-person meetings which was 90%.

The proliferation of digital media does not have to overshadow tried and true face-to-face marketing. The truth is old school can be downright revolutionary in helping you build relationships that lead to increased sales.

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“Is Face-to-Face Marketing Old School?” explores how the blending of face-to-face strategies with virtual tools can measurably enhance the value of medical device event marketing programs without incremental costs.