3 Ways to Effectively Boost Show Floor Recognition

3 Ways to Boost Show Floor Recognition

3 Ways to Effectively Boost Show Floor Recognition

Studies have shown that trade show attendees generally come to a show ready to learn, share or buy. However getting them to direct their attention towards your exhibit in particular is the challenge. This is especially true as shows become larger and larger, which adds to “sensory overload” on the show floor. If you want to boost show floor recognition as effectively as possible, you'll want to keep a few key things in mind:

  • The Power of the Internet

One great way to boost show floor recognition is to turn your booth into “the place to be.” Webcasting has become extremely popular in recent years in a variety of industries, and your exhibit can become a great hub for the live feed. One idea would be to broadcast live footage to your website, to YouTube or other video streaming channels of the activity going on at your booth all day long. Not only does it help keep your staff on their “A Game” (as they're essentially always being watched), but broadcasts like these attract interest and give your staff content to follow up on too. The bright lights, the cameras and live content can lead to a snowball effect of floor recognition before you know it. Staff follow ups and live announcement traffic through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keep the buzz going and growing.

  • Engage All Senses

One of the best ways to boost trade show floor recognition has and will always be summed up in two powerful little words: free stuff. When you're giving away branded materials to help spread the word about your products or services, however, remember to engage ALL of someone's senses as often as possible. Case in point: offering free coffee, baked goods or other delicious-smelling items sometime is just enough to draw additional attendees into your space. Remember that there are going to be a LOT of people experimenting with visual and audio attraction methods, so cut right to the chase by putting out a tray of amazing-smelling brownies or treats that even people a few isles over will stop, smell and take notice of immediately.

  • Communicate Value BEFORE A Show

Perhaps the most important way to boost show floor recognition is to start laying the groundwork before the show actually starts. Remember that in order to get someone— anyone—to visit your booth, they need to perceive some type of value in doing so. Whether you make personal calls to prospective leads ahead of the show, give them the opportunity to win a free gift or enter a raffle, or something else entirely, additional effort BEFORE the show will pay off handsomely once the doors actually open.