MC2-designed sales meeting event had a south-of-the-border theme Part of the excitement at the MC2-designed sales meeting was attendee participation with a knife juggling act. The MC2-created theme event included a 6-piece mariachi band. Banditos and bandits dressed the part and entertained guests at the MC2-created event.

Wipro Sales Meeting Goes South

When you host a 3-day conference for the elite 500 of a company's IT and computer services sales force, how do you inject some high energy into those deep technical conversations?


(1) Hire extreme jugglers for the awards night.
Awards nights can be a snore. So what made this sales meeting awards night nail-bitingly engaging? Machete juggling with a company staffer in the line of fire by Guinness World Record holders, The Passing Zone.

(2) Then on the second night of the conference, hold a theme night dubbed “Wipro De Mayo.”
Banditos, mustashioed gunslingers, for photos ops. Banditas to help with the dancing. And a mariachi band, of course, to keep things hopping. Add a prop photo booth, caricature artists, dueling pistols video game and a delectable south-of-the border buffet and drinks. (“Salt?” “No salt?”)

MC² handled overall planning, stage set, floorplans, hospitality hotel reservations, badging, signage and on site management. Then we passed the baton to production company Unison LLC to put it all together.