The 140 Ever-Better team members rally for the last briefing at Toyota’s Torrance, CA site before departing for Plano, Texas. The Expedition in Tennessee driving along “The Tail of the Dragon” — 314 curves in 11 miles — in the Great Smoky Mountains. Toyota Boston Regional Office waving good-bye to the Expedition. The Expedition passing the Washington Monument. Millie Marshall, President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, talks to the Expedition team. The Expedition passing through the world-famous Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The Expedition off-road course director, Greg Miller, briefing the team before they head out to the slick rock, steep descents, climbs, and sharp turns of Hell's Revenge trail in Utah. The Expedition convoy heads through Monument Valley, Utah. The Tundra making light work of an off-road trail in Pine Nut Mountains, Nevada Expedition team captain Masahiko Yoshida meeting people in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The lineup of Toyota vehicles, with the Ever-Better trailer in the background, ready to drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Team members on a tour of Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California, where the all-new 2016 Tacoma is being manufactured. Team members ready to drive. The Winter Tour picks up in December through Canada and Alaska.

Toyota Ever-Better Expedition

The Ever-Better Expedition is a five continent project conceived by Akio Toyoda to give Toyota engineers, designers and test drivers a firsthand feel for every continent where Toyota sells cars. Insights gained by listening to the road—and to global customers—will ensure that Toyota continues to bring the world ever-better cars.

MC² acted as the lead agency allong with recently acquired Brand Promotions to bring together 140 team members, 9 vehicles over 110 days and 16,500 miles across the North American leg of the tour.

Photos: Anthony Wallen, 5th Gear

Toyota Expedition Winter Tour