Five different setting for the attributes of the Galaxy Note culminated in a rousing demo at JAZZ at Lincoln Center. The media was out in force and the notables with them at the MC2-produced product launch for Samsung. HGTV'S David Bromstad is joined by his Galaxy Note at the MC2-produced product launch. Kelly Osbourne poses on the red carpet with the Note at the MC2-produced product launch. The MC2-produced product launch showcased the Galaxy Note in 5 different settings.

Samsung Product Launch — Note-able Event Attracts Celebrities

The highly-anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note drew celebrities and fans alike to New York City’s Lincoln Center for a showcase of the tablet’s capabilities in five different settings. Attendees were introduced to photography, fashion, classroom, and gaming environments each of which defined specific features of the Note. Keynote theater presentations were held against a backdrop of the city with an enormous Galaxy Note sign.

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