Live display model poses in Otterbox's LifeProof exhibit at CTIA. Kayaker poses in MC2-designed LifeProof exhibit for Otterbox. The LifeProof displays required MC2 scenic experts to create realistic vignettes. LifeProof's trail biker hobnobbed with attendees and attracted lots of attention. The LifeProof exhibit at Otterbox won iPhone magazine's Best of Show award.

MC² Brings Lifeproof Alive at Otterbox Exhibit

“Wait! Marge, did that figure just move?”

Sure did. That “figure,” dressed as a trail biker covered with mud astride his Scott Genius 900 Series, was ALIVE.

So was the kayaker over there. They were posing in Otterbox's LifeProof exhibit at CTIA's Super Mobility Week show. Real guys in real gear posing in realistic settings to show that Otterbox's LifeProof brand mobile device protectors, can handle the rough stuff.

The live displays did what every exhibit needs to do. They were sticky. People hung around to see the models and talk to them. The exhibit fulfilled MC2's axiom to attract, engage and influence perceptions about LifeProof and Otterbox. Even the booth staff loved having live displays at the show.

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