MC2's design for an automotive media event put the Lexus on a larger-then-life-size roulette wheel.

Lexus “Drift Roulette” – Gamified press event

MC² got the call from Lexus' agency Team One on a Monday afternoon. By Thursday, we were installing a 75-foot diameter roulette wheel on the Las Vegas Speedway. Lexus was thrilled and journalists were totally game.

The challenge was to figure out the context for “Drifting Roulette,” what-if any practical, logistical and safety considerations, and have everything completed by Saturday. The size of the circle was calculated so drifting series driver Ken Gushi's Lexus could drift around the circle with enough clearance for the numbers to remain in tact and free of the rapidly spinning tires.

The journalists loved it. Comments like “most creative event” and “the most creative demonstration we’ve witnessed live from a car company” gave Lexus the attributes it was looking for — smart, fun, creative, relevant, hip and more.

Read a case study.  See the YouTube video.