Kokuyo at Orgatec, Cologne

KOKUYO — Aesthetic Minimalism

At ORGATEC, the leading international trade show for Office & Object, KOKUYO, a Japanese office products and furniture company, wanted to set itself apart from the competition through an extraordinary exhibit design that displayed their high degree of artistic sensibility as well as their high level of product quality.

For the exhibit, the Japanese designer, nendo, demonstrated what that minimalism can look like. Ten tons of precision milled black steel shelves in bright white surroundings impressively showcased the KOKUYO Company. The proverbial “heavy lifting” for the implementation of his artistic concept was done by MC² in cooperation with our Tokyo partner Fair Concept International. However the real star of the KOKUYO exhibit was their high end, aesthetically beautiful office chair. A veritable piece of art, that equaled by the environment in which it was presented.