MC2 specialty fabricated airplane lifts off at the Red Bull Flugtag competition. MC2 specialty fabrication got a workout building this light weight airplane for Red Bull Flugtag competition.

Flugtag!— Red Bull Entry (pro bono)

MC² sponsors a team in Red Bull Flugtag contest in Long Beach, CA.

MC² and the Palms in Las Vegas sponsored the We “CAN” Do It team from Henderson, NV. And we got to actually build the airplane from scratch for the competition.

The plane was 10 feet long with a 28-foot wingspan and weighed under 270 lbs.  We developed the CAD drawings and the graphics and engineered the materials to be the lightest possible (think foam, Vizqueen, Tyvek). It was all based on a plan from the We “CAN” Do It team to recreate a P-51 Mustang used in WWII and the Korean war.

The plane placed 6th in people's choice with 1463 votes and flew 63 feet! That is 4th for distance. (We missed 3rd by 4 feet.)