Stairway to the double deck of MC2-designed trade show booth for Ferag. The upper deck of the MC2-designed trade show booth was a communication center. The upper deck of the MC2-designed booth was also a cafe for trade show visitors. The stairs leading to the upper deck of the MC2-designed booth.

Ferag — Communicating “Swissness” to the Printing Industry

MC² Europe positioned Ferag, a market leader for printing industry conveyor and processing systems, as a modern, forward-looking company that its partners can always count on. And did so across a broad variety of booth sizes from 100 sqm to 2000 sqm. This example, at 1800 sqm, featured a double deck surrounded by the company's manufacturing technology with life-size machinery. The center structure was encased in an illuminated red membrane. All aspects of the design spoke to Ferag's Swiss-based international stature.

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