Band warms up at Durkan's MC2-produced HD Expo event at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan's marquee lights up with Durkan images at the MC2-produced HD Expo event. With the Cosmopolitan marquee in the background, party goers enjoy MC2-produced Durkan event. Speciality cocktails for the MC2-produced Durkan event arrive in lighted glasses. A dancer floats in a bubble on the surface of the pool at the MC2-produced Durkan event.

Durkan — Wall-to-Wall Party for Flooring Specifiers & Designers

When the recession hit, it was not appropriate to host off-site celebrations at the HD Expo. Fast forward to 2014. The HD Expo, for designers, architects, developers in the hospitality industry, is packed and Durkan is ready to reinstate its party on the first night of the show.

And with MC²'s help, they did. Not over the top, not staid and conservative, but a fun, elegant evening for 900 guests.

We chose the venue, negotiated the contracts, booked the entertainment and handled on-site management. We set up a display of Durkan's most luxurious flooring designs and mirrored that on the hotel's marquee overlooking the Strip. The party, based on Durkan's exhibit theme “Imagine That,” showcased a 10-piece band, and – imagine this — a floating bubble with a real, live dancer inside.

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