Consumer Activations Ease the Pain of New Car Shopping

To many, visiting a car showroom can feel like a high pressure situation; especially in the beginning of a search for a new vehicle.

By activating at over 200 grassroots marketing events during 2015, MC2 Consumer Events fielded over 120,000 leads for Southern California Toyota Dealers. Through the creation of a “low pressure” sales room at events like the Orange County (OC) Fair, Los Angeles County Fair (LA Fair) and the popular foodie event 626 Night Market, consumers had the opportunity to engage with Toyota vehicles without the sales pitch.

The appeal of such giveaways as branded selfie-sticks, custom Toyota branded t-shirts, and cell phone wallets wasn’t bad either.

The culmination of the 24 days at the Orange County Fair was an exciting moment during the demolition derby when one lucky consumer walked out into the center of the field, pressed on the wireless remote they had been handed earlier in the day as a finalist in the OC Fair Prius giveaway, and found that theirs was the one that caused the alarm to go off. They won a brand new Prius. Moments like these brought the Prius to life in an exciting way for thousands of derby attendees and made one person’s life a bit easier with a brand new car.

From useful giveaways that make things easier for consumers, to priceless moments such as winning a brand new car, grassroots marketing events have taken some of the pressure off of the car buying consumer; making their first interaction with the brand a positive one.